new moon reading

new moon reading

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Are you interested in…
Living in your fullest alignment?
Tracking the cycles of the moon?
How current astrology is affecting your energy?
Living a fully conscious and intentional life?
The opportunities that are presented by joining yourself with the moon cycles?
Using astrology to further your self-knowledge and self development?

The new moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle. This offers us a fresh start, to set a goal or intention for the coming month and set yourself into motion. Awareness of these cycles creates an intentional opportunity for transformation in your life. Through a new moon reading, find out how to use the energy of a specific new moon as it combines with your birth chart to align your energy and take inspired action around your goals.

  • Set intentions around what you are manifesting
  • Gain clarity around how you can support this intention
  • Begin a new project
  • Grow in self-awareness, understanding, and self-love

Included in a remote new moon reading:

  • 500 words on how the moon is affecting your personal astrology
  • Journal prompts to assist in uncovering any blocks you have in these areas
  • Affirmations aligned with your reading to use over the next couple of weeks

Please include your birth information (date, time, and location) in your order information.


*this is a DIGITAL, written offering