birth chart reading

birth chart reading

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Birth Chart Readings, $350 - 1.5-2 hours

So, you know your sun sign, you’ve heard people talk about astrology, and you’re curious about how it might be relevant to your life?


Interested in using astrology to understand yourself better?


In a birth chart reading, we’ll focus on...

  • What is called the “big three” - your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs - which embody the most core aspects of who you are and how you show up in the world
  • How your core wounds manifest and your capability to heal
  • Your soul's purpose in this lifetime
  • A specific area that is being triggered by the current astrology (called "transits")

While discussing the opportunities and strengths presented by your birth chart, we’ll also look into ways that this information can be used to further your self-understanding and development, making the most use of the energies manifest in your life. We get to dive deep into who you are, your needs, your past wounds, your healing, and your souls purpose. Additional follow-up coaching sessions available for working through your blocks and bringing you closer to living your soul's purpose.


Can be in-person in San Diego, or online via Zoom.

What some have said about this offering:

I had my first Astrology birth chart reading with Caitlin and it was transformational. Prior to this reading, I had only connected to my zodiac sign a little bit and never really paid attention to zodiac readings because I wasn't sure if they were accurate. Caitlin did an extensive reading for me that provided clarity for the direction that I am headed with my soul purpose and a deeper understanding about some childhood challenges that I've experienced in the past. Through this reading, I was reminded that I am on the right path and got specific tools to support me in moving forward in my business and all of my relationships. I was blown away by Caitlin's  deep understanding of astrology and her natural ability to translate the meaning into practical ways to apply the information to my life. Thank you for this beautiful gift! - Amy P.

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