new moon monthly membership

Are you interested in…
How current astrology is affecting your energy?
Living a fully conscious and intentional life?
Using astrology to further your self-knowledge and self development?
Knowing where your energy is best supported over the coming month to further your goals?
Taking inspired action where you are being Universally supported?

The new moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle. This offers us a fresh start in a particular area of life and an opportunity to set a goal or intention for the coming month and get yourself into motion. Awareness of these cycles creates an intentional opportunity for transformation in your life. Through a new moon reading, find out how to use the energy of a specific new moon as it combines with your birth chart to align your energy and take inspired action around your goals.

  • Set goals and intentions around your vision for your life
  • Have accountability and coaching support
  • Know where your energy will be most effective during the month
  • Transform your life through working WITH the Universe


I'm so excited to offer the New Moon Monthly package to those that have requested more hands-on coaching and astrological insight.

Included in the package are monthly one-on-one personalized readings (in-person or via Zoom) and consistent coaching support.


Are you ready to connect to your self more fully? Are you ready to surrender to the Universe WHILE taking action where you are supported? Schedule a discovery call to see if this option is right for you here.



"I received both a solar and lunar eclipse reading from Caitlin. I loved getting both readings as it gave me a glimpse of what I might need to let go and what I should be calling in over the next 6 months. I found her readings to be spot on and completely in-tune with what I was experiencing in my life. What I enjoyed most about my personalized readings was that she gives you tools and actionable steps that align closely with each reading, which allowed me to do some inner work and get better aligned with my truest self. If her readings or content resonate with you in any way I 100% recommend that you get one of her readings." - Rachel J.