about caitlin



I believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and together, the Earth and humanity. It is our sacred duty as humans - as souls, given capacity for connection with the divine, the Universe having a conscious experience of itself - to foster love with all things. With the planet: to have a reciprocal, loving relationship to her. What our life comes from, it is our duty to protect her through taking care of her, practicing what is nourishing to the Earth. With animals, as they are sentient life on this planet just as we are. With one another, to fight for each person on this planet to be loved and nurtured, respected, and cared for.

What would your life look like if you reclaimed your health physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? What would that mean for the lives of those around you? How might that affect the community that you live in, the society of your country, the world overall? How would your choice to claim your individual health impact everything else? I imagine a ripple in a pond, extending outward, creating further movement. Health for you is health for all, for the planet, for future generations.

This is what's motivated my inner journey. This connection to all life and things has driven me throughout my life, calling me to be of service to others. To be mindful of my actions, and intentional in causing no harm to another living being.


To foster love.
To raise the consciousness on our planet.
To inspire healing.
That is what I'm here for.
I aspire all I do to be grounded in love, in truth, in harmony, and in peace.
I am...
multidimensional. intuitive.
aiming to always be loving, kind, and make the most compassionate choice in my ability.
connected to divinity, belonging to the people around me, wanting to be of service and bring peacefulness, clarity, reflection, and love to all interactions.
constantly seeking healing: for myself, for the world around me: the environment, nature, other people, systems, loved ones.


This truth for me now was not always true for me. After losing my dad and seeing disease up-close through multiple family members at a young age, I found myself depressed and struggling with disordered eating. Not taking care of my body was a way to passively wait out my life.

One day, in 2013, I woke up and heard a voice inside of me say, "this isn't me." I wondered who the stranger taking care of my body was, and I felt a deep surge of gratitude for having an able body.  I recognized that I'd been throwing away this gift with every day that I didn't intentionally care for, honor, and love my body.

I immediately became plant-based, eliminated processed foods, started to cook all of my own meals, count macros, and work out. I was doing all of the "right" things in order to have my health. My body felt good, but my relationship with myself was still full of guilt and pain. I began to unravel my emotional and mental health. In 2015, I began to follow my path of self-discovery and spirituality.

I began meditating, I practiced yoga to connect more deeply to my body and actually listen, I read dozens of books, I connected to my energy, I spent time in prayer and contemplation. I learned to recognize my inner voice as my connection to Source. In practicing grounding, mindfulness, and connection, I was able to heal myself - to FEEL good, experience physical health, and follow my heart.

It's not just mind-body, or body, or soul. Bringing all three together has given me comfort, health, vitality, joy, and energy.



Transformational Life Coach, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2018

Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2019