There is magic in each of us. It’s what has given us life, what connects us to our planet and our Universe.

soul astrology & holistic health coaching

Connect to your inner knowing. Live with purpose.

Each day we're given the opportunity to support ourselves and our health in what we choose to eat, think, believe, and participate in. How are you aligning with your highest expression?


I had my first Astrology birth chart reading with Caitlin and it was transformational. Prior to this reading, I had only connected to my zodiac sign a little bit and never really paid attention to zodiac readings because I wasn't sure if they were accurate. Caitlin did an extensive reading for me that provided clarity for the direction that I am headed with my soul purpose and a deeper understanding about some childhood challenges that I've experienced in the past. Through this reading, I was reminded that I am on the right path and got specific tools to support me in moving forward in my business and all of my relationships. I was blown away by Caitlin's  deep understanding of astrology and her natural ability to translate the meaning into practical ways to apply the information to my life. Thank you for this beautiful gift!


Caitlin has truly been my soul coach from beginning to end. The moment we started I could feel in my gut that FINALLY something was going to change for me because I was in such capable hands. I already feel as if
Caitlin has helped me lay down a foundation of tangible and enjoyable habits and practices that I would be honored to pass on to my future family and any of my loved ones. I can tell Caitlin specifically tailors each lesson to her clients individual needs, and coming from someone who as paid for TOO MANY coaching type programs I can say that THIS one is one of a kind. I am so honored that I get to work with her and am so thankful for this journey already. I’m already forever changed for the better and I would not be here if it weren’t for Caitlin.

Claire P.

I received both a solar and lunar eclipse reading from Caitlin. I loved getting both readings as it gave me a glimpse of what I might need to let go and what I should be calling in over the next 6 months. I found her readings to be spot on and completely in-tune with what I was experiencing in my life. What I enjoyed most about my personalized readings was that she gives you tools and actionable steps that align closely with each reading, which allowed me to do some inner work and get better aligned with my truest self. If her readings or content resonate with you in any way I 100% recommend that you get one of her readings.

Rachel J.

Caitlin is always positive and willing to try new paths. She doesn’t become intimidated by road blocks, but rather sees them as an opportunity to be creative. Caitlin is as much of a gentle listener as she is a force of change. She asks thoughtful questions and offers amazing resources to accompany the changes she’s helping you make in your life. Caitlin is a wealth of information when it comes to nutrition and her heart for health shines in everything she does.

In working with her I’ve found more compassion for myself and more language around reframing my sensitivity/empathy. Instead of judging myself for having a hard time adjusting, I notice ways that I can meet myself compassionately. My motivation comes from a longevity standpoint now, rather than a fear-based perspective. I have recognized how health is holistic, rather than a number on a scale or a specific diet.

Taylor O.

Caitlin provides warmth and wisdom in her guidance as a holistic wellness practitioner. The journal prompts she provided promote a level of self-reflection that is often neglected in day to day life. They give an opportunity to take pause and truly evaluate the inner alcoves of our being that need the most care, and do so in a gentle and encouraging manner. The entire experience made me feel cared for, like a reassuring hand on my shoulder as I continued on my life's journey. 

Sam S.